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Lowell Police Department
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(219) 696-0411

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self defense tips

stay alert, stay alive

While out and about, be aware of your surroundings. If you are aware of everything around you, you are less likely to be surprised by the attacker and may be able to prevent the crime. Your personal safely depends a lot on you and your actions. When you are walking, pay attention to what is happening and where you are going. Look around instead of at your phone. Scan the area before you go near it. Be aware to stay safe.

don't be afraid to be afraid

When you are checking your surroundings and you see something that disturbs you, run away. Listen to your sixth sense and follow your gut instincts because it's probably right. Don't worry about what anyone thinks because you might be preventing something bad from happening. You'll never regret running away but you might regret it if you don't.

get help

If you are attacked, scream like crazy. Make people hear you! You have the ability to stop a crime if people hear you and come to your aid. But they will only do that if they hear you.

Never allow an attacker to 'move' you

Where you initially are confronted by the criminal is crime scene “A.” If the violent criminal forces you into an alley or a car, that’s crime scene “B.” Never, under any circumstances allow someone to take you to crime scene “B.” “A” will be in a more public place. “B” will be a place of the criminal’s choosing. He or she will have picked the spot for this crime because it is much more private and no one can see, or hear the attack. Fight or flee. Do something. Throw your wallet or purse to the side and run. Run the scenario through your mind and come up with a plan now.

fight the good fight

There might come a day when the previous advice doesn't cover a specific situation and you may need to take different measures. Remember to always give up your money, purse, valuables, etc. Never give up your life! If you are going to be sexually assaulted or badly injured (shot or stabbed), fight like your life depends on it because it does! Statistics prove that many sexual or aggravated assaults have be stopped by an aggressive victim. Don't lie down and die. You can and will defend yourself.


Information taken from:

Miller, Brian. "Protect Yourself When You're Out and About." The Times 17 June 2012


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