Lowell Police Department

(219) 696-0411

Lowell Police Department
1333 East Commercial Ave.
Lowell, IN 46356-2168

(219) 696-0411

for emergencies dial 911

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  1. We are committed to furthering democratic values. Every action of the agency reflects the importance of protecting the constitutional rights and ensuring the basic personal freedoms of all citizens.
    • We respect and protect the rights of all citizens.
    • We recognize that our role is to resolve problems through the law, not to judge or to punish.
    • We treat all persons fairly and without favoritism.
    • We believe in the principles embodied in our Constitution.
    • We believe that policing activities must preserve and advance democratic values.
  2. We hold life and human dignity to be sacred. We will treat all persons with compassion, courtesy and respect, and will use force judiciously and only when necessary in the performance of our duties.
    • We use force only when necessary.
    • We hold human life to be sacred.
    • We treat others as we would expect to be treated.
  3. As role models in the community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of moral and ethical conduct in our professional and personal lives.
    • We thoroughly investigate complaints against our members.
    • We confront and report employees who violate laws and basic values of the organization.
    • We require a standard of professional performance and conduct for all members of the Lowell Police Department.
    • We promote and recognize ethical behavior and actions.
    • We hold ourselves to high standards of moral and ethical conduct.
    • We are role models for the community.
    • We will demonstrate honor and integrity in all we do through ethical behavior.
    • We are committed to personal and professional excellence.
  4. We recognize and understand the importance of community trust, values and perceptions. In all we do, we will strive to maintain that trust, reflect those values and promote the image of our profession and our Department.
    • We understand the importance of community perceptions.
    • We value the reputation of our department.
    • We believe that integrity and honor are the basis for community trust.
    • We are honest and truthful in our dealings with others.
    • We are consistent in our actions and beliefs.
    • We listen to problems and complaints with empathy and sensitivity.
    • We are consistent in the application and interpretation of our organizational values and management principles.
  5. We believe that we are accountable to the community from which we draw our authority and that we must be responsive to its concerns.
    • We are responsive to community concerns.
    • We manage our resources effectively.
    • We assess the cost vs. benefits programs.
    • We administer the public funds in a prudent, cost effective manner.
  6. We are committed to improving the quality of life in our town through community policing activities.
    • We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community through the delivery of quality services.
    • We rely on community support and involvement.
    • We promote programs that improve the relationship between our members and the community at large.
    • We actively seek opinions and ideas from others.
    • We seek innovative solutions to the problems and concerns of the community.
    • We consult the people who will be affected by our decisions.
    • We cannot carry out our responsibilities alone, thus we must be willing to involve the community in all aspects of policing.
    • We will work with others to develop a situational or problem solving approach to crime prevention.
  7. We believe that our highest priorities should be the prevention of crime, the preservation of peace, the apprehension of criminals and the promotion of a sense of safety and security within the community.
    • Our fundamental responsibility is the prevention of crime and the preservation of peace in our community.
    • We give a high priority to making the citizens of the community feel safe and secure.
    • We work to anticipate and prevent problems.


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